Waxing & Eyebrow Tinting Lane Cove


** Please note – we do not perform Brazilian wax treatments on females under the age of 16 years without
parental consent. We are happy to discuss regular bikini waxing for younger clients, when accompanied by a parent.**

Eyebrow $25   Lip or Chin $15
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin $45   Lip & Chin $25
1/2 Leg $33   Eyebrow & Lip $35
Bikini $27   Underarm $25
G-String Bikini $45   1/2 Leg, Bikini & Underarm $70
1/2 Leg & Bikini $50   Brazilian (Maintenance)** $65
1/2 Leg & Extended Bikini $60   Brazilian (First Visit)** $75
1/2 Leg & Brazilian $90   Full Leg $60
Full Leg & G-String $89   Full Leg & Bikini $79
Full Leg & Brazilian $115   Full Leg & Extended Bikini $86
Thigh $37   Thigh & Bikini $60
Thigh & Extended Bikini $66   Thigh & G-String Bikini $75
3/4 Leg $44   Thigh & Brazilian $90
1/2 Arm $30   3/4 Arm $33
Full Arm $39      
Eyelash Tint $25   Back $55
Eyebrow Tint $22   Back & Shoulder $65
Eyelash Tint, Brow Tint & Brow Shape $59   Chest & Stomach $58
Brow Tint & Shape $40   Full Leg $80



Always Look Stunning with Eyebrow Tinting, Shaping and Waxing in Lane Cove

Find eyebrow tinting in Lane Cove and look smashing all day.

Tinting your eyebrows is an excellent and swift way to upgrade your look with minimal effort. Your appearance gains character, and you don't need extra make-up to get your brows in shape. Are you going to a party in the evening? Do you expect your standard make-up options to last until the early morning hours? After eyebrow tinting, at most, you'll add a dash of mascara and some eyebrow powder, and you’ll be the life of the party.

Common Misconceptions about Eyebrow Tinting, Shaping, and Waxing

Misconceptions abound about eyebrow treatments. At Flair for Beauty, you're welcome for eyebrow shaping in Lane Cove, and we prefer to keep you informed at every step along the way. After all, your eyebrows and skin are precious. You want to keep them in good shape, and so do we! Here are a few common misconceptions about eyebrow care.

Your eyebrow hair is already dark, so you don't need any tinting: Not true. Even if your eyebrow hair is naturally dark, then you should still consider having it tinted. Around and between the darker hairs, you'll often also find small, thin, and lighter hair. By painting the hair darker, we can help your eyebrows to appear thicker and fuller.

Only a cosmetologist should tint your eyebrows: You can tint your eyebrows yourself. The advantage of letting the professionals at Flair for Beauty do this treatment instead is we use a different product than what you’ll find on the shelves which lasts longer. This is an especially powerful solution if your eyebrow skin shows bald patches, because then we can use this technique to fill the entire eyebrow form. You can also order a combined treatment of tinting, shaping, and eyebrow waxing at our Lane Cove salon. There's no harm in letting yourself be pampered from time to time!

Eyebrow tinting begins to fade after a week: The dye on your skin will fade quicker than on your hair, but you will get a full four to six weeks of beauty out of your tinting. After those few weeks, you will need powder or pencil to retouch it. Throughout those weeks, you'll be using less product, so that's money staying in your pocket.

One Location for Eyebrow Tinting: Lane Cove

Rely on Flair for Beauty for supreme customer service and exceptional knowledge of all things skin. Here’s what we bring to every appointment:

A highly-trained staff and 13 years of experience are at your service, always with a genuine smile.

Our clean and hygienic salon is centrally located in Lane Cove.

We love using Payot de Paris. This brand offers high-quality and 100% natural products, skilfully composed and highly stable. They work wonders on your skin and offer an excellent value for money.

Whenever you hear statements about your skin or hair that cause you to raise your eyebrows, don't stay in doubt. Contact us to find out the truth about eyebrow tinting, shaping, and waxing and book your pampering session.

Your One-Stop Beauty Shop for Waxing in Lane Cove

Flair for Beauty (formerly Beauty in the Cove) is your one-stop for waxing in Lane Cove. Our experienced staff is ready to assist with the removal of any unwanted hair.

Our waxing services for women include:








Our waxing services for men include:





Before your waxing service in Lane Cove, it is important to adhere to the following tips:

Allow hair to grow to at least .5 mm

Exfoliate skin one or two days before treatment

Clean skin works best - don’t wear any cosmetics or lotions

Take pain medication at least 30 minutes before the appointment if you have a low pain threshold

Be sure to let any broken skin heal before your treatment

Discontinue use of retinol-based creams for two weeks before your visit

Consult with your dermatologist if taking prescription medications

At Flair for Beauty, you can count on us to:

Use innovative products

Work around your schedule

Manage all skin types

Provide personalised service

Sally French, owner and operator of Flair for Beauty, has over ten years’ experience in the beauty industry. She holds an Australian qualification in Beauty Therapy and has attained two internationally recognised diplomas. She is also a TAFE NSW Beauty Therapy teacher. Our staff are also experienced professionals in skin care. Using state of the art technology and therapeutic products we produce quick and lasting results.

Contact Flair for Beauty, your north shore waxing professionals, to schedule an appointment. Let us remove unwanted hair that will give you the confidence you deserve. We are your Lane Cove waxing authorities.