24 carat gold, disposable needles are used for this treatment.

10 minutes (minimum treatment time)


15 minutes



20 minutes


30 minutes


** Depending on hair type and size, some treatments require the use of more than one needle.
In this case, a $1.00 charge per needle will be applied.**


We Offer Electrolysis in Lane Cove on the North ShoreElectrolysis hair removal is the process of removing hair by destroying the growth centre of the hair using either chemical energy or heat energy. At Flair for Beauty, we use both chemical and heat energy with 24-carat-gold needles inserted into the hair follicle to remove troublesome hair right at the root.Tips for Getting More Value out of Electrolysis in Lane CoveAlways ask questions. If you have any doubts about how to care for your skin between treatments, ask your technician. They will know how to keep your skin and hair hygienic and avoid infectionsWhat Sets Flair for Beauty Apart for Electrolysis in Lane CoveAt Flair for Beauty, we strive to give our clients high-quality treatment for every procedure that leaves you feeling both relaxed and confident. Here’s how.We always start with a thorough consultation with our clients to ensure we have every bit of information we need before we start.We use state-of-the-art products and technology, including light therapy, to enhance all of our treatments, so you get the maximum benefit.The owner of Flair for Beauty, Sally French, has over a decade of dynamic beauty industry experience to help inform every treatment.Contact us today so that we can answer any questions you have before your first electrolysis session. With us, customer care is a priority–trust us to take care of you and your beauty essentials.