Facial North Shore


Express Facial


This express maintenance treatment intensely hydrates for renewed skin.  Suitable for all skin types, results will leave your skin instantly feeling firmer and more radiant.  Perfect for those moments when you’re pressed for time.

Classic Facial


This is the perfect introductory facial for everyone. Cherish your skin and target hydration and vibrance.  Embrace the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing as you leave with your skin feeling fresh and radiant.


Beauty Flash


A unique, playful and delicious facial: a treatment containing a peel-off mask, for a moment of well-being and an immediate enhanced beauty. An energising care thanks to the superfruits power. The skin is illuminated and recovers softness and radiance for an immediate healthy look.

Delux Deep Cleanse and Radiance $120
A purifying, balancing treatment for most skins particularly combination or oily skin, using a heating scrub with a peel-off mask to perfectly purify the skin and reveal wonderful radiance.





Collagen Essentielle


Hydrate and plump your skin from deep within.  This facial treatment regulates the skin's hydration, immediately smooths the skin and delivers a silky and soft finish.  A specialised collagen mask is used to infuse and draw moisture within the skin.  For all skins - the perfect all rounder.

Nutrition Essentielle $135

A hightly nourishing cocooning treatment that brings nourishing suppleness to dry skins.  Immediately the skin is soft and plumped.  The complexion is luminous, the radiance is revived.

Detox Absolut $140
A unique treatment to detoxify and clear your skin for an even complexion of perfect radiance.  The black formula treatment masque is applied during the facial using a magnet to remove, engendering electromagnetic microstimulation resulting in an incredibly detoxified skin, and genuine renewal of the complexion.  Fantastic results.

Liss Absolu


A facial with an immediate “new skin” effect thanks to an AHA peeling treatment that smooths deep wrinkles and fine lines. After a glorious massage, the rebalancing mask restores the skin’s pH for an amazing rejuvenating effect.

Lift Absolu $150

A unique treatment that instantly and visibly improves firmness and elasticity, restoring volume and lifting the face and neck contours.  A specialised intensive mask is applied followed by specially developed passive lifting movements.  The face is lifted, the oval is reshaped and the skin is luminous.

Supreme Anti-Ageing Experience $190
An anti-aging treatment experience that acts simultaneously on wrinkles, slackened skin, dull complexion and dark spots. This facial includes: a pearl scrub to refine and brighten the skin; a gloriously relaxing face, neck and decolletage massage with a firming balm; and a mask with silver pigments that reduces the effects of ageing. A complete treatment with a truly exceptional anti-ageing experience.



Enzyme Resurfacing Treatment (includes LED light therapy)

**An enzymatic exfoliation can be added to any facial treatement



This natural exfoliation process removes unwanted debris from pores, enhances cellular regeneration and enables the skin to better absorb active ingredients.  Our Enzyme Exfoliants come in two strengths and contain fermented pumpkin enzymes.  Pumpkin, when fermented, contains more than 100 nutrients, including protein-building amino acids and moisturizing fatty acids.  Suitable for all skin types, this treatment offers beneftis to both dry and oil skin producing results the natural way.  The inclusion of the LED light therapy increases results.
• RESURFACES to improves skin tone &
refines texture.
• BRIGHTENS and evens out skin tone and
restores radiance.
• REVITALIZES and stimulates cellular regeneration

AHA/BHA Resurfacing Enhancement
(includes LED light therapy)


This medium strength AHA peel instantly smoothes texture, clarifies the complexion and brightens skin without drying.  Probiotics combined with an antioxidant complex strengthen skin's natural defences, revealing healthier skin and clean pores, while Aloe Vera helps retain the moisture and elasticity needed for your skin to function as a strong, healthy barrier.  The inclusion of the LED light therapy increases results and leaves the skin radiant and calm.


Improves skin tone and refines texture;

Stimulates cellular regeneration;

Enhances moisture retention of skin; and

Removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores.



Flair for Beauty Providing Skin Rejuvenation Treatment and Facial Options in Lane Cove and North Shore

Our facial skin tends to take a beating. On a beautiful day, your face is turned up to enjoy the sun’s warmth. On windy days, you feel the effects of the gusts of air, and on cold days, the consequences can be rather unpleasant. The result of this constant exposure to different elements will eventually show on your face.

A facial in Lane Cove provides you with a skin rejuvenation treatment that helps remedy facial imperfections that can cause embarrassment or discomfort.

Problems a Facial Treatment by Flair for Beauty in Lane Cove will Address

A facial in Lane Cove is much more than just a way to pamper yourself. A regular facial treatment in Lane Cove can help aid the following problems:

Clogged pores and reddish complexion: High-quality creams and serums are great tools in combating issues with enlarged pores or general appearance. The reality is these skincare treatments will only go so far. A facial in North Shore enables you to maintain smooth skin, and the results of your facial may enhance the effectiveness of your other daily skin treatments.

Skin dehydration: Deydrated skin can be embarrassing because the condition brings with it a crepey appearance and fine lines. A facial uses the proper lotions and oils to rehydrate your skin and provide you with a confident glow.

Stress reduction and ageing: A leading concern of clients is feeling that their age is showing too rapidly. An anti-ageing facial treatment can help to eliminate wrinkles and loose skin to reduce the signs of ageing. The entire process will help you relax and bring your overall stress level down.

Skin conditions, especially those that include your face, are uncomfortable at the least, and embarrassing at worst. Our staff wants to provide you with a facial that makes you feel self-assured about your appearance.

What You Can Expect from Flair for Beauty Facial in North Shore

When you book a facial treatment in Lane Cove with us you can always expect the following:

Customer focused staff: Making you feel confident and relaxed during your facial will always be our priority. Our highly trained staff can answer any of your questions regarding any treatments

The best quality products: We hold our products to a high standard. We make sure that we provide you with nothing but the best treatment products to ensure you receive a facial that will make you happy and improve your appearance

Professional and clean salon: Our staff works continuously to keep our salon looking beautiful and spotless at all times. We strive to keep our appointments on time because we respect yours.

Flair for Beauty’s Facial in North Shore is Cost Effective

The team at Flair for Beauty understands how important a facial is for your skin health. With this in mind, we offer different options for facials that will suit not only your needs but your budget. We offer everything from a facial for the client that is pressed for time, to more intensive treatments, to services that focus on reducing the signs of ageing.

For more information about our facial choices, please call us (02) 9420 1880 or go to our contact page to book your appointment online.