Facial North Shore




At Flair for Beauty we know how important your skin is to you and understand each skin is completely different, just like your fingerprint!

The Dermaviduals product range will change your life. We work with the principals of Corneotherapy which ensures you will maintain optimal skin health and get your skin to function in its natural way. With Dermaviduals we are able to treat just about any skin issue that presents in our salon including:

·         eczema

·         psoriasis

·         dermatitis

·         acne

·         rosacea

·         pigmentation

·         aging concerns

·         dehydration

·         sensitivity 


If you simply want healthy, glowing skin we have you covered!

Express Enzyme Therapy Facial (30 minutes)


Designed to remove unwanted skin cells, even skin tone, and improve skin texture as it stimulates collagen production, and assists in the treatment of congested skin. This treatment is a perfect one off pick-me-up. It is also available as a course of 4 treatments, once a week depending on the severity of your skin condition.

Performance Level 1 Facial (45 minutes)


Level 1 Is a great introductory facial or a wonderful place to start if you are on a skin correction program.  You will receive all the benefits of the Enzyme Therapy treatment with a relaxing face and neck massage followed by a custom mixed mask that will infuse active ingredients into your skin.  Enjoy a blissful and revitalising time with us.  Fantastic if you are experiencing the Dermaviduals products for the first time.

Performance Level 2 Facial (60 minutes)


Level 2 has all the components of Level 1 but with more active ingredient power.  Level 2 will work on how your skin is functioning by adding custom serums to target your concerns to create cellular change.  By having more options, your therapist can tailor a treatment that will leave your skin renewed and on the way to perfection, and your mind and body feeling completely refreshed.

Performance Level 3 Facial (75 minutes)


This is the most popular facial on our menu.  Not for the beginner, but Level 3 is the crème-de-la-crème of our performance facials.  Level 3 performance allows your therapist to have free reign of ingredients to really create some significant changes to your skin.  With multiple serum infusion and LED Light Therapy included, the opportunities for skin rejuvenation are endless.  You also have time to really relax and unwind in the care of expert pampering hands.  You will wake (we dare you not to fall asleep…) from this facial completely restored.

Performance Level 4 Facial (90 minutes)


The facial connoisseur’s facial.  Level 4 focuses on getting active ingredients deeper and infused for longer to ensure maximum cellular hydration, detoxification and intense skin rejuvenation from the inside out.  Combined with enzymatic exfoliation, LED Light Therapy, double mask applications and the right amount of massage to send you into a state of bliss, this facial is the ultimate combination of intense skin restoration and complete soul revival.



Classic Facial (45 minutes)


Enjoy 45 minutes of relaxation and pampering. Cherish your skin and target hydration and vibrance.  Embrace the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing as you leave with your skin feeling fresh and radiant.


Beauty Flash (45 minutes)

with LED Light Therapy



A unique, playful and delicious facial treatment containing a peel-off mask for immediate enhanced beauty, thanks to superfruits power.  The skin is illuminated and recovers softness and radiance for an immediate healthy look.

Delux Deep Cleanse and Radiance (45 minutes)

with LED Light Therapy



A purifying, balancing treatment for most skins particularly combination or oily skin, using a heating scrub and a peel-off mask to perfectly purify the skin and reveal wonderful radiance.

Hydration Boost (60 minutes)

with LED Light Therapy



Hydrate and plump your skin from deep within.  This facial treatment regulates the skin's hydration, smoothing the skin and delivering a silky and soft finish.  A specialised collagen mask is used to infuse and draw moisture within the skin.  For all skins - the perfect all rounder.

Nutrition Essentielle (60 minutes)

with LED Light Therapy



A highly nourishing cocooning treatment that brings nourishing suppleness to dry skins.  Immediately the skin is soft and plumped.  The complexion is luminous, the radiance is revived.

Complexion Perfector (75 minutes)

With LED Light Therapy



A unique treatment to detoxify and clear your skin for an even complexion of perfect radiance.  The black formula treatment mask is applied during the facial using a magnet to remove, engendering electromagnetic microstimulation resulting in an incredibly detoxified skin, and genuine renewal of the complexion.  Fantastic results.

Smooth Rejuvenation (75 minutes)

with LED Light Therapy



A facial with a “new skin” effect thanks to an AHA peeling treatment that smooths wrinkles and fine lines.  After a glorious massage the rebalancing mask restores the skin’s pH for an amazing rejuvenating effect.